West Coasting and Wanderlusting


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I spent four days in San Francisco and came back to Florida with a new attitude.

There’s something about traveling that makes you realize that you deserve better than your shitty job. I am so thankful that my Mom and Aunt paid for my flight so that I didn’t miss out on much needed girl/family time. My ass was broke and literally had enough in my account to pay my rent. Just to keep it real, lol.

My in-laws and daughter dropped me off to the airport. I was pushing time a little bit because I packed probably about an hour prior but I was still in the safe zone, and I really try to believe that everything happens in perfect timing  so I just ran with it. Everything was smooth sailing from check in, to security and even the wait for the flight. I was even hit by serendipity and met a flight buddy that provided great conversation for our six hour trip cross-country. It definitely made the red-eye go by quicker and was refreshing and appreciated.



I arrived to San Francisco and my Aunt was already at the airport. Score. The first thing I wanted to do was eat. However, no one cared to inform me that there’s no White Castle in California, and although I just assumed that there was, my heart was a tad broken. This is when Yelp comes into play. Since it was almost 3am PST, I had to think fast or starve. This is when I knew my Aunt was ride or die. I found a “taqueria” that was open late and her response to the location was “It’s kind of sketch, but I’m down for some tacos.” Boom. We found parking and walked across the street to stand in a line that was literally out the door. I ordered a steak burrito and I inhaled it so fast that it didn’t even get a picture. Some foodie I am.



I vowed not to sleep in. Woke up a few hours after my food-induced slumber, and got my day started. First thing to do? Go get my Grandma. The girls getaway would not be complete without her. But nobody told me that 15 minutes in California traffic actually means an hour and a half, but when we got there we found her and she was safe, lol.

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Next stop? FOOD. Thank goodness someone else was hungry so I didn’t feel like the glutton that I secretly intended on being. We found yet another Taqueria but this time it was a “Salva Mex, ” meaning it was a blend of Salvadorian and Mexican cuisine. Hells yes. The Pupusas I had deserve their own blog. So stay tuned. For this dish with a soda on the side, we paid $6. Win again.



We finished our lunch and dropped my Grandma off to get rest and pick up the life of the party, who also happens to be my Mom, lol. We were greeted at her fancy schmancy Marriott by her and this sign:

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And this is the last picture taken before we decided to let Yelp and Uber lead us to an epic night filled with Tokyo Teas and Adios (Blue) MF’ers. Let’s just say, we found some LA Faces, but they don’t come equipped with Oakland booties in San Fran. California strip clubs can’t really compete with the South in my eyes. *sighs* Moving on.

I woke up with my wig missing and I since I couldn’t describe the previous night any other way, I will just leave it at that.

We reconnected with my Grandma and since I was behind on my hunt for Pokemon, I decided to ride in the backseat and get some “rest” in. Again, I was so thankful that my Grandma was hungry because we pulled up to a BBQ spot that just so happened to be BLACK OWNED.


Saturday then continued on with a day cruise around The Bay, sight seeing, dancing, and libations. There’s something about dancing on the water and drinking cognac that brings your #BlackGirlMagic full circle.


After we came back to land, I realized that my night had to end with another food run. This time, it was In & Out Burger. It was literally five minutes away from the loading dock, but when we pulled up, it was PACKED. It looked like the club. Two full drive through lines, and a line almost out of the door.

burger sfo

The burger and milkshake were everything. It still wasn’t white castle, but totally worth the wait!


I had 24 hours left in California. My aunt took me to some last minute cool places to see, and I finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge so that I could sing the Full House theme song. Don’t judge.


  After the day’s adventures, I spent some time with an old friend, and decided that that was exactly what they needed to continuing being. It was refreshing. I drove back to my Aunt’s house, packed my bags, and headed to my 6am Monday morning flight back to reality.

The Bay Area was great to me. California Love is real and I deserved and enjoyed every single moment of  wanderlust in the West Coast.



ps: I really did come back and quit my job. 😉