Summer Solstice Hair! (NEW COLOR ALERT!)

Hey all!

So Orlando hosts one of the biggest beauty expos in the world, right? And the stars graciously set me up to be able to be a part of this show as a Model for six years straight! But that’s not the coolest part! The coolest part is that these last four years, I’ve gotten to do shows for one of the coolest hair families, EVER! MATRIX!

Back in January, MATRIX hosted their DESTINATION educational convention and I had two great stylists take my hair color to a whole new level! (This was also the show that I had ice grey locs for, and was featured on Behind The Chair’s website and various magazines, hehe!) Anyways, so back in January, I was still in my new mommy phase and scared to try anything new with LIFE, even moreso my hair, but I trusted my Matrix family and we rocked out with some bangin’ Bayalage and I came back this past weekend and took it even further!!!
summersolsticeI love the both of these colors, they fit right into the seasons and I can match up my hair color with various palettes for my makeup and clothing! Being a new mom I kinda aged myself into thinking that I couldn’t do wonderful things like color my hair ORANGE and wear it big and curly, but between the amazing stylists Dan CsiCsai, Chrystopher Benson, and Canadian stylist Caroline Robitaille (who is also a fellow redhead and gives great Mom advice), I came out of my shell! In my next post, I’ll give some insight in how I’m maintaining my color (and texture) and what products I’m using. Stay tuned!

<3 Keila