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Keila’s Top Three Meditation Apps for Getting Your Zen On

I am addicted to my phone. Seriously. After reading countless of articles on how to not check my phone first thing in the morning, or take it into the bathroom, check it at red lights, I gave up. Instead, I decided to figure out a way to include my phone in my daily routine without cluttering my head space.


There’s an app for everything. So with realizing this, I decided to search for something that would not only cancel out the need for checking my social media in the morning but allow me to balance my thoughts, too! And I know, I know. I can easily just move my phone away from the bed and journal in the morning instead, but honestly, I don’t feel like picking up a pen and writing every day like I used to. (This is by no means no excuse for you to be okay with not writing as much. Don’t be like me, be better!) With admitting that, I have to start slow and turn my vices into victories!


Here are three apps that I recommend for getting your zen on no matter where you are or what time it is:

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I Survived A Long Spell of Postpartum Depression and Learned Some Things at the End

1. Depression is still a taboo subject for Black folks.

      I had to address this first, as it is bigger than what we make it. We can talk, laugh, dance, gossip, do libations, but when the subject of any type of depression arises we go mute. In our culture, we believe that enduring things such as, ya know… slavery, segregation, losing Whitney, Luther, and Michael, prohibits us from going through anything like depression. While these of course are events that some of us may have survivor’s remorse for, these are incomparable to the struggles of mental health in our communities. Especially in Black women. Especially in Black mothers.
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