Keila’s Top Three Meditation Apps for Getting Your Zen On

I am addicted to my phone. Seriously. After reading countless of articles on how to not check my phone first thing in the morning, or take it into the bathroom, check it at red lights, I gave up. Instead, I decided to figure out a way to include my phone in my daily routine without cluttering my head space.

There’s an app for everything. So with realizing this, I decided to search for something that would not only cancel out the need for checking my social media in the morning but allow me to balance my thoughts, too! And I know, I know. I can easily just move my phone away from the bed and journal in the morning instead, but honestly, I don’t feel like picking up a pen and writing every day like I used to. (This is by no means no excuse for you to be okay with not writing as much. Don’t be like me, be better!) With admitting that, I have to start slow and turn my vices into victories!


Here are three apps that I recommend for getting your zen on no matter where you are or what time it is:



This is my personal favorite. I used it during my pregnancy, and also after giving birth. One of my close friends suggested it, and I have been so thankful for it. If you are new to meditation, this is a great app to start with. It gives you information on learning how to meditate before you actually get into the meditations, and that is my favorite part. From there you get to choose how you are feeling and it will customize different guided meditations for you. Awesome, right?

  1.  Insight Timer (iOS/Android) – Free

If you’re looking for a more global approach to meditation this is the app for you. It has lots of meditations to choose from as well and the app also lets you know how many people meditated with you! Insight Timer also gives you custom options which are good for you if you are more on the intermediate side of things.

  1. Buddhify (iOS/Android) – $4.99

This app is worth the price that you’re going to pay. The cool thing about Buddhify is that instead of only asking how you are feeling, it asks about what you’re doing so that it can find the perfect moment of mindfulness for you. It has also helped me the most with my anxiety. It’s compatible with active lifestyles that sometimes to allow enough time to center yourself.


What are some of your go-to apps for meditating? Share them in the comments and let me know! Also, if you are new to meditating and meditation apps, please let me know if you downloaded and tried any of these apps mentioned above!

With Love,

Keila <3

Stop Calling My Phone to Ask What the Baby is Doing

I have had to say this for 18 months now. I’ve said it in the nicest way possible, pushed through being passive-aggressive, and even threw some indirect shade via a Facebook status or two. As we continue to celebrate the new life that is my daughter (who again, is a year and a half), I am still in a constant state of annoyance when people call my phone requesting to speak to the baby.

It’s really fucking annoying. I thought that after the first six months people would have some common sense and courtesy to ask me, the first time Mom and the involuntary Stay At Home Mom, how I was doing. Nope. The abundance of calls from distant relatives and friends who really just wanted to be nosy, were all just calls to ask about the baby. 

“She says hi.” My continuous lie that I hope God just lets me charge to the game on Judgement Day. She does not say hi. She will, but more than likely, she will just stare at the phone or if I’m lucky, she will run. But let me just say, that although I am very thankful for people calling and caring about Yemi and her milestones, I am tired.

I wish someone would simply ask “How are you doing?” I don’t want to talk about Motherhood every time someone calls me. There are layers to my Womanhood. There are levels to me. It is nice to just talk about other things that I do. For instance, last night I made my own lotion. I also started writing for Quirktastic again. Aside from that stuff, I’m writing poetry again, and planning a huge move to another state. People would know these things if they took the time to simply ask about the parent as well as the child.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you or your feelings don’t matter after you bring a child in this world. Your future isn’t over and the sacrifices that come with motherhood does not include sacrificing your entire being. It is not a time to become silent, nor is it a time to allow others to make you feel as if you no longer matter. My child doesn’t steal my shine, she shares it. Kids are a reflection of us, and if we aren’t able to be our best selves, how can we encourage our little ones?

So, if you’re the type of person that (A) doesn’t have kids yet and you like to call and ask “where’s the baby” or (B), you’re the relative who just loves the kids, please think before you speak. Take some time and ask the Mommas how they’re living OR ask if they need anything. A little really does go a long way.

What are some things people have done after you had children? 

Why Shine When You Can Glow? (Ole Henriksen Review)

One of my favorite quotes is “If it ain’t free, it ain’t me.” Which is why I love receiving free products from Influenster and great brands.

My skin has always been a hassle. From puberty to motherhood, I have only had rare moments of a “good skin day.” I’m 26 and acne still exists in my everyday life. The complimentary products I received included a three-step facial regimen that was fit for my combination/oily skin.

From day 1, I was already seeing and feeling results.

This three step program includes:

Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance™ Oil Control Cleanser
Find Your Balance™ Oil Control Cleanser
Ole Henriksen Balancing Force™ Oil Control Toner
Balancing Force™ Oil Control Toner
Ole HenriksenCounter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator

Ole HenriksenCounter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator By Ole Henriksen

 This particular system focuses on oil control. I can honestly say that I have not had any excess grease on my face or an oil feeling since using these products. However, my #GLOW  is very real and I haven’t had to use any concealer or foundation in my morning routine. That’s how fast these products worked on helping clear up my skin.

You can guarantee that I will be buying these products once my free #Influenster VoxBox products are finished. You can find these products at Sephora or Ole Henriksen’s website.

If you’re a fellow #Influenster , comment and let me know how you feel about this #VoxBox and the products! If you have already tried these products, I would also love to hear your story and see before and after pictures.

We Are Tired of Dedicated Grammy Awards and White Tears

19 by Adele got me through my first break-up. Although the album had already been out for awhile, I would croon “Chasing Pavements” in my college apartment hoping it would make me whole again. It didn’t. After a bunch of dating upsets, I realized that Adele was not my Whitney, my Lauryn, my Erykah, my Mariah, nobody. She had some dope songs, but none of them liberated me. She didn’t make me feel how my mom felt when she heard “I Can Love You” by Mary J. Blige and Lil’ Kim. She didn’t bring me up from my pool of tears, ever.

However, one ironic day, my Adele Pandora station decided to let me know that Adele was invited to The Cookout by playing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, and something clicked.

“…I cried my tears for three good years and you can’t be mad at me/ ‘Cause if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it…” 

We hadn’t even made it to the chorus yet and already my posture changed, my attitude changed, and my shackles of heartbreak were broken.

Fast forward to 2011, and Adele drops 21. Dammit, Adele. Six months later Beyoncé drops 4. Two great albums again, but one made me eat cookies in my bed crying and the other one had me feeling like J.Lo in the Love Don’t Cost a Thing video.



You can guess which album did what.


Fast forward some more, Adele’s on a sabbatical and Beyoncé is dropping self-titled hits on us like boom, boom, boom. Visual album, CD, Videos, tour, you name it. 2015 comes and Adele is back with 25, but we aren’t sad right now Adele, what are you doing?! Where is Beyoncé? You wanna know where? Creating this liberating visual for us that shows every ounce of Black Womanhood with full transparency.


Lemonade drops in 2016 and every Black woman on the planet can feel each other’s energy. We are all hugging, we are all holding hands, singing praises and surviving. Beyoncé is re-introducing aesthetics that white history had swept under the rug for years. She provided us with a body of work that allowed us to free ourselves and heal. The academy ain’t got no award for that? They really don’t. 2017 Grammy’s Album of the Year comes around and they give it to Adele who in turn, thanked Beyoncé and dedicates her win… to Beyoncé. This is cool or whatever, and the Beyhive cries because:

1) B*tch, we know Beyoncé should have won.

2) The Queen had tears in her eyes so we had them too.

    She’s not mad at Adele, so we aren’t mad at Adele. It’s not her fault. And while this may be true, it leaves fans in a whirlwind of emotions. We see our favorite (Black) artists put their all into projects, share it, explain it, give us shows, merchandise, a literal PIECE of them, only to see a mediocre (Yes, in this aspect Adele is just aight) artists win and cover their mantelpieces with more stolen gold every single year. It’s funny how history always seems to repeat itself when it comes to white people and stealing shit.



If you’re an early 90s baby like me, this exact moment will take you back to when Macklemore was given Kendrick’s Grammy in 2014 and expressed his white tears via text. We didn’t accept his apology, or whatever that was. Neither did Kendrick.
For our elders, this is merely just a repeat of all the years Black artists have outdone themselves and went home empty handed. It’s an ongoing cycle of overworking ourselves to prove to a lesser talented culture that we deserve full recognition.

It is left to us to make sure that we reward our artists with things that go beyond physical keepsakes. We have to keep our artists motivated enough to keep giving us raw emotion in their music and to allow us to experience their rollercoasters of growth and transition. It is up to us to teach about it, write think pieces, discuss it, and make sure to preserve the culture that has made music what it is today. Also, while boycotting may seem like the smart thing to do, it isn’t. We jus have to accept that The Grammy’s will never be #ForTheCulture, which is why we have to be every day and all day.

With this in mind, as a culture, as Black folks, we have to understand that when we “lose” to white artists/people, we are actually winning. They can have that easily breakable gold thing for their shelves because we still have our resilience. The shock value of losing or being snubbed goes down every year because we already know The Academy can’t handle all of this culture.



With Love,

From Passion to Profit: A Business Acceleration Workshop 2/26

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